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Aquawild Surveys

Borehole Groundwater Surveys

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Why you need our service

If an accurate drilling location cannot be determined during the initial drilling round, investing in a borehole may turn out to be an expensive procedure.

Allowing to assist you with a geographical groundwater survey before beginning the drilling process will help you avoid these unpleasant surprises.

We can accurately determine exactly where the drilling contractor needs to drill to find the best underground water-bearing aquifers.

Ensuring a successful borehole drill the first time will save you thousands

In order to locate underground water-bearing aquifers for borehole drilling, we use the most recent technology available from Germany, the GER TECH River-F Plus device, which is a specialised water detection device with a proven success rate.

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Fast Service

Surveys can normally be done
within 24-48 Hours, with proven 90% accuracy

Saving money

Drilling contractors are paid to drill, NOT to find water. Every time they have to start again your bill increases

Saving time

Ensuring water is found with the first drill, instead of repeated tries


Thank you for responding so fast. Your survey was 100% accurate and the drilling team found water on the first go.
Johan Vermaak
Always a pleasure to deal with friendly people that know what they are doing. Looking forward to my new borehole.
Betsie Kruger
Same day service and affordable! That's what I call service. Thank you Alf for the excellent advice you gave me too.
Adriaan Jooste

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